"I have known Ron for over 8 years. After my husband passed away, I didn't know how I was going to manage. I had a meeting with Ron and he quelled all my fears. He introduced me to Annuities. He explained to me (in layman's terms) what Annuities were. After a few meetings, I decided to transfer my stocks into Annuities. I have never looked back. I can spend the rest of my days in peace; knowing that I am taken care of. You'll find Ron to be intelligent, honorable, and a true gentleman. He truly has become a true friend!"

-Maryanne Woodard

"Although I was quite apprehensive at first, you helped me through this very lucrative investment, and at my own pace. I have more than double the income that I can receive from my 401k and in just 8 years."

-Peter B

"When beginning this process of enhancing my future retirement income, I have to admit, I was timid. I had saved this money for almost 25 years and was at a point I could not afford to lose any. Ron Fredette understood this feeling and with his help, I eased into this process and now 8 years later, I'm so pleased I did. The result is much more than I expected."

-Peter Bohman